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JAZ FABRY - Fine Art Series

Ghost Town Good Vibrations -- Digital Paintings 2020

Deserted towns and abandoned shopping malls on the Hawaiian island of Maui invent a surrealistic yet surprisingly optomistic perspective on the financial crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Vibrant geometric color fields are superimposed on enhanced digital images, revealing a fresh conceptual vision of a revitalized modern urban landscape.

Signed Limited Edition Series

Matte finished "Dyemond" crystal prints, mounted on hand cut aluminum

Castles in the Sky -- Digital Hybrid Photographs 2021

Abandoned castles and historic archetypical ruins across Great Britain create unexpected and uniquely surreal atmospheric compositions. Combining classic architectural shots of past civilizations with majestic cloudscapes of today, result in a conceptual vision of ancient culture. viewed in modern times. Digitally merged color and traditional black and white imagery, create hybrid photomontages of monumental landmarks within a contemporary context.

Signed Limited Edition Series

Matte finished "Dyemond" crystal prints, mounted on hand cut aluminum


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