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Painter -- New Media -- Artist

expressive contemporary artist  --  edgy, unexpected, evocative  --  hyper-realistic beauty

Fabry's paintings fuse digital fragments or macro grafitti, repurposed as layered elements with splattered spray paint, and gestural brushstrokes. His boldly saturated rhythmic constructions convey order out of chaos, merging fractal imagery in highly original abstract compositions

Jaz traveled extensively throughout Europe and lived in exotic locations including Paris, San Francisco, and the Virgin Islands. He is a third generation American artist. His Grandfather, Alois Fabry was a renowned Slavic portrait painter. His Uncle, Jaro Fabry was an illustrator and cartoonist for movie stars and Hollywood celebrities. His Father, Al Fabry was a WPA artist and a master painter and watercolorist.

While attending art school, Fabry's early artistic style was inspired by Fauvism, Abstract Expressionism, and the Color Field painters.  The Artist Masters he studied with and most influenced his early work include:  Jean Yves Guionet (sensual expressionist painter), Ralph Gibson (fine art photographer), and Don Celender (conceptual artist).  Jaz Fabry is currently living and creating art on the tropical Hawaiian island of Maui.

Exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Minneapolis, Paris and Hawaii.

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